Zegur Suit Carry On Garment Bag Review (2022)

by Mar 13, 2020

Are you searching for the best garment bag? Well, I think you are here as you had been looking for such a bag that will make you feel confident in line with some other benefits.

Most of the cases, people use the bags to prevent wrinkles in their clothes, especially their suits or coats. In fact, there are fewer alternatives to such bags. If you use the other types of bags, you will not have similar features. Your clothes may wrinkle easily.

And if you are to attend a meeting or present something at a meeting, or if the meeting focuses on you, you may lose confidence.

This is a must to have such a bag that can carry your attire and bring back confidence in you.

In this ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel review, you will get all the necessary features and facts about the bag. Let’s start exploring the features.

Top-quality materials

First of all, we would love to share that this bag is made from the top-quality materials of the industry. The manufacturer has used 1800d polyester to manufacture the bag. So, this is durable than any other contemporary bags. When you use some other types of bags, you cannot expect them to last for a long time.

Once you have this particular bag, you can feel the difference. The usual bags wear and tear and decay shortly. It happens as the construction materials are not up to the mark. But the scenario is opposite to this bag. Even there is less damage if you use the bag frequently.

Ease of use

This bag is the combination of several modern opening and closing facilities for the ease of use. It comes with a Velcro tip, zipper, hooks, metal chain. So, if you need to open the bag instantly, you can do it easily. And if you need to close the bag, there are options too.

But the other similar bags lag such features. They are either from chain or Velcro. The combination of Velcro, zipper, and other systems make using of the bag comfortable.

zegur suit carry on garment bag

Special Design

It would be unfair if we do not explain the design of the bag in this review. At times, there are bags which c come with a design for males or females. But in this case, you would get different. Of course, the design is unique. And most importantly, this is a unisex design.

As a result, you can use the bag regardless of gender. You will be in love with the bag, and there are no restrictions that this bag is for the males of the females. Further, the shape of the bag is smart and eye-catchy. You can grab it without a second thought for your needs. 


The portability of the bag is the other important feature. You can carry the bag using a shoulder strap. Sometimes, the carrying the shoulder straps become tough as they hurt the shoulder. But there are no such issues. You can comfortably carry the bag even with excessive loads.

Moreover, you can place the bag in any small compartments, by your side or even inside the overhead bin of an airplane. The other similar bags do not have this feature. Their size is a bit bulky, and placing those is a problem. Some of the airliners have restrictions on those bags too.

Several Pockets

Besides, there are four inside pockets with this bag. And you can also get a mesh pocket to hold your small accessories. Three of the pockets have zip to close and open. And the fourth pocket comes with a Velcro. The last one is larger in size, and you can place your shoes during your trip. There would be no damage to the other accessories and clothes inside the bag.

Besides, the pockets are spacious to store all the necessary items. Due to the zip and Velcro, the items will not get out of the pockets. In fact, in other words, you will never be in a shortage of space inside the bag.

zegur garment bag review

Double Size

Initially, it may appear that the compartment size inside the bag is insufficient. The bag is 20 inches in size. But once you open the bag, it will be doubled. The bag will be 40 inches in size and storing space. It happens due to the expansion of the compartments.

Don’t worry about the attires. They will be safe with the buckle inside the bag. There is another exterior pocket where you can place all the important gadgets and gears for your everyday use.


Within a reasonable price, you will get the bag. But you also will get some sort of warranty. The money back guarantee is the most impressive one. Most of the bag manufacturers do not dare to offer such a guarantee. As those products are defective and they might have to pay frequently, they are afraid of such a guarantee.

With this particular bag, you can have a money back guarantee for a certain time. If you feel dissatisfied in this period, you can return the bag and take back your money.

Multipurpose Applications

In line with business trips, you can use the bag for some other purposes as well. The size and shape of the bag are sufficient to hold all of your necessaries.

If you want to make a day-tour, this is the most suitable one. Or if you plan to carry your suit for the presentation at the office, you can also do that easily. The attires will remain ironed and without any wrinkles.

Pros & Cons


Sleek design for everyday use

Multipurpose application

Reasonable price

Money-back guarantee

Durable construction

Keeps attires in perfect shape


The main zipper may break

Needs more improvement in quality


Q: I have lost the strap. I had to detach the strap for carrying, but somehow I lost that. Can I get another shoulder strap?

A: Of course, you can get another shoulder strap. But I’m afraid you cannot get the same one that you have lost. Many of the bag accessories stores have additional shoulder straps. You can get anyone from them at a reasonable price.

Q: Can I present this ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel to my favorite people?

A: That would be a nice present ever. This bag comes with almost all the necessary features and flexibility. And the people who will receive it will be highly glad. So, you can keep it on the list of making a present for someone you admire.

Q: Is this bag usable while taking air trips?

A: Sure. You can use the bag for your flights. Most of the US airlines have a restriction that you cannot carry a bag that is more than 50 inches. This is for space constraints.

But with this bag, you are free of such restrictions. The bag is slightly more than 40 inches. Therefore, the bag would not be the subject of such restrictions.

Q: What is the highest length of suit that I can carry in this bag? By the way, I’m 6’2”.

A: Well, that is not a big deal. The bag can carry a suit not more than 40 inches. So, if your suit is within this length, you can easily carry it inside the bag.

Final verdict

In this ZEGUR Suit Carry On Garment Bag for Travel review, I have shared all the necessary information that you need to know. This bag is smart, compact in size with lots of storage space. Moreover, your suits and coats will have no wrinkles – which is the best benefit.

At the same time, you can use the bag as and when you need it without thinking much about the performance. This is a durable product and can serve for years with less maintenance.



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