Travelpro Maxlite 5 Spinner Review – Facts You Should Know Before Making An Ordinary Purchase

by Apr 12, 2020

Traveling is always fun. But packing the items to board on the trip is always irritating. So, in this travelpro maxlite 5 spinner review, I have explained about the key aspects of this luggage.

In brief, when you are planning for your next trip, you need to care about your luggage too. This is not possible to enjoy the trip if you do not have the right luggage.

This is a lightweight luggage with modern features and advantages. Besides, you can carry the luggage anywhere you need. You can get other specifications of this luggage in the remaining part of this post.

Let us start exploring the other features of this luggage.  

Travelpro Luggage Weight

The most impressive positive aspect of this luggage is its lightweight. It comes with a weight level of 5.4 pounds. Therefore, carrying the luggage is not a big deal. Anyone can carry it because of the lightweight feature. The other usual luggage arrives with a weight of over six to seven pounds. Therefore, carrying those products become troublesome.

At times, the weight of the luggage increase for the items inside. The weight of the luggage is also added with the item weight. Thus, carrying the luggage becomes tough. And if you are in a rush, the situations may turn unfavorable for you and your companions as well. So, experts always recommend to use a lightweight luggage like this travelpro maxlite 5 spinner.

Smooth Wheels Of Travelpro Maxlite 5 Spinner

The wheels of this luggage is also remarkable. They are smart and perform better than other usual types of luggage wheels. The other impressive benefit is that you can rotate the wheels up to 360 degrees. Do you know what 360 degree is? Well, with this feature, you can move any direction you want. Pulling the handles will do the rest.

You need not to struggle with the luggage to move it. Due to the 360-degree wheels, you simply need to pull the handles where you want to go. The luggage will follow you. This is a special advantage that makes traveling easier.

Ergonomic Handles Of Maxlite 5

On the other part, the luggage comes with ergonomic handles. Most of the cases, the handles are not up to the mark. You may experience some uncomfortable situation while pulling the handles. But the scenario is the opposite in this luggage. The handle is easy to maneuver. The rubberized grip will never let you feel uncomfortable.

The manufacturer has taken care of the issue perfectly. As the handle comes with a rubber grip, this is always comfortable to hold it.

Ultimate Design Of Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 5

The design of this luggage is special. Many of the users have praised in the impressive feature of space. It comes with ample space to hold all the necessary items and gadgets for a trip. There are many pockets that will hold the accessories while the compartment is spacious. There are two front pockets in the exterior of the luggage.

Besides, you can also get a back pocket to hold your identity card, visiting card or any name tag. The inside of the luggage is spacious that you can also expand up to two inches. Therefore, accommodating the items would not be a tough task.

Adjustable straps

While most other luggage come with fixed straps in the compartment, you get the adjustability here. The straps being adjustable, you can firmly place your clothes and other items. Even if they get shake during the trip, they will be safe under the straps. Besides, you can adjust the straps based on the amount of items or clothes you have.

However, the scenarios are not smooth with the other ordinary straps that you cannot adjust. They only provide a barrier over the clothes. But any time the clothes and other items can be displaced. So, if you carry a perfume bottle, that may break for shake.

Durability Of Travelpro Maxlite Expandable Spinner

I do not promise that this is the most durable luggage ever made. But I can assure that it will support you for years. The construction material is polyester. So, this is a lightweight luggage but with an improved performance. The luggage exterior can prevent minor scratches. Besides, this is water resistant.

So, you can travel even in rain without a second thought. You can also remove the stains wiping the exterior with a wet towel. This is a simple process.

Ease of opening

At the same time, the opening and closing of the luggage is smooth. The zipper used in the luggage is durable. They are from high-tensile-strength. As a result, they last longer and you can open or close the zipper smoothly. But most other zippers have a different feel. They are less smooth and have a harsh feeling when you want to open or close them.

Touching the zipper is comfortable too. In a nutshell, this is another plus for your trip.

Ergonomic Handles

There are three handles in this luggage. The main handle is adjustable up to over 42 inches. So, you can adjust the height level. Collapsing the main handle is also easier. And you can do it using a single hand. The handle does not stuck to any place. So, when you are visiting airports, you can hold the handle and carry your luggage smoothly.

The top and side handles allow the users to lift the luggage inside the air cabin or placing into any space. They are also durable and a great option for the users.

Color Options Of Travelpro Maxlite 5

This particular luggage is available in five colors. Usually, the pink and midnight blue is more favorite than the other colors. But if you want variation in color, you can explore the other color options as well. This will bring a distinctive look in your luggage.

Why travelpro maxlite 5 lightweight expandable suitcase is the best?

There are lots of reasons to announce this suitcase as the best. Amid number of variations, you must select this one.


Check the explanation here.

Construction Materials

First of all, the construction materials of this luggage are up to the mark. You may check the travelpro maxlite 4. The construction of that particular luggage is not standard. Numbers of allegations have been found that the luggage did not last longer.

Even the seam of the outside pocket unraveled after a couple of use. The zipper also get damaged so easily that people seek option of return window. The fabrics also ripped and there were less chances to repair them.  

But with this luggage, there are no such hassles. This product is from solid polyester and light in weight level. You can use the luggage for years without any issues. The zipper will not wear or break so easily. Besides, the fabric is also standard and can withstand moderate challenges.  

Larger Space

This travelpro maxlite 5 lightweight expandable suitcase comes in two sizes – 21 inches and 22 inches. The 21-inch luggage is suitable for any international trip. The luggage fits in most of the airline baggage bins. Interestingly, it can also hold items for over two weeks. So, this is a great advantages.

But if you compare the luggage with the earlier version, there are some lack in space. If you have travelpro maxlite 4, you cannot be too satisfied with the space issues. Most of your items will be disorganized. The strap is unable to provide a secure hold of the items inside.

The aspects are different with this luggage. You will be highly satisfied with the overall performance. There is no space constrains and the items will be safe inside.


Q: What can I carry in this luggage?

A: In this travelpro maxlite 5, you can carry a number of items. You can carry items including your business clothes, socks, a pair of shoes in the mesh netting, small electronic gadgets, among others.

But if you roll the items, you can save space and carry more essentials in the luggage.

Q: Do I need to push or pull the luggage?

A: Well, this maxlite 5 international comes with rotating wheels. So, you can both push or pull them. In fact, the wheels are one of the greatest advantage of this luggage. The wheels can move around 360 degrees. So, you need not worry about steering the luggage. By pulling the handle, you can carry it towards the destination.

Q: Can I adjust the handle?

A: There are three ways of carrying the luggage. And the main handle is adjustable. Based on your height level, you can easily adjust the handle for your convenience. If you need to move inside an airport, you simply need to adjust the handle height pressing the button. It takes a few seconds.

Final Verdict

In this travelpro maxlite 5 spinner review, I have so far explained about the key aspects of this luggage. This is a soft-side luggage but durable to a great extent. The product comes with limited lifetime coverage and other standard features like 360-degree wheels, expanding feature, and more.

The interior dimension of the product is 21 inches X 14 inches X nine inches. So, you have ample space to accommodate your attires and accessories. The pockets are of great use as well. You can pack your two-week trip items easily in this luggage.


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