Five travelon anti theft crossbody bag review for 2022

by Jan 21, 2021

Most of the travelers are worried about the safety of their bags. To get rid of the issues, they can use Travelon anti theft crossbody bag. This is a special type of bag that reduces the chances of theft of your bag.

What are the key features of this Travelon anti theft backpack? 

The most important issue is that you can carry the bag easily with you all the time. The other key benefits include – you can keep an eye on your bag all the time. Besides, the Travelon anti-theft crossbody bucket bag is smaller in size and shape. The Travelon anti-theft classic crossbody bucket bag is lightweight.

Based on the all the factors, you can have these Travelon bags for your next trip.


This is not the end. This post is all about the key features of different bags of this brand. The remaining part will help you get a comprehensive knowledge about the bags.

The products we love to check

Key features

  • Strong lock
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Ample pockets

Many of the cases, the users worry about the safety of the bags they carry. The mainstream bags do not have locking mechanism. As a result, you cannot keep them secured. But what if the bag comes with a strong locking feature? Well, you will get it in this bag.  

You can lock your bag with stationary object. Thereby, the snatchers are unable to take your bag away. Carrying the bag in a crowded place is another aspect. You have the same feature. The bag is from materials that will not slip from your body. The stainless steel mesh helps to prevent the slashing.  

Besides, the Travelon anti theft crossbody bucket bag has full-length straps. So, you can easily carry the bag across your body. You also can adjust the straps considering your height and needs. The bag also features RFID blocking. The pockets will protect the cards with RFID chips from being scanned.


    Securing main compartment with lock

    Slash resistant body

    Shoulder strap with adjustable features

    Removable LED light

    RFIC card slot

    Efficient performance


    Zipper may come off

    Less durable

    Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bucket Bag, Purple

    Key features

    • Lightweight
    • RFID reader blocking card slots
    • Spacious

    The most impressive issue with the bag is that it is lightweight. So, you can easily use the bag for your everyday needs. Besides, the bag comes with ample space to store all the necessary small items when you are on the go. The main compartment comes with a locking feature. Therefore, your valuables remain safe inside.

    On the other part, it has a RFID blocking card slot. If the potential snatchers try to scan your cards, this is not possible for them. Moreover, there is an outside panel. You can store your water bottle there. The overall outlook is classic. It will add value to your styles.

    If you have electronic gadgets like an iPad, you can carry that too. There is a five-point security system to prevent thefts and other incidents. The lockdown straps are the other addition with the bag. You can strap the bag with a chair or other stationary objects.


    Zip pockets

    Five-point security feature

    Stylish look

    Locking compartment


    Stainless steel wire


    Side pocket zip may rip off

    Not suitable for international trips

    Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody, Straight Pocket

    Key features

    • Three compartments
    • Casual look
    • Cut-proof shoulder strap

    When you are looking for a reliable Travelon crossbody bag, this could be a perfect product. The bag comes with features like angled pleats. So, the texture of the bag is smart and outstanding. Moreover, there are three spacious compartments. It helps to carry all the necessaries easily wherever you go.

    At the same time, the compartments come with locking feature. If someone tries to steal from your bag, that is almost impossible. The shoulder strap is cut-proof. Thereby, the chances are lower to cut the shoulder strap and snatch your bag. It also has the other standard feature like RFID blocking card pocket.

    You can also use the LED light in case of lower visibility. Further, storing your passport and other minor items is simple too. This is also a slash-proof bag. Thus, you are also safe from tackling the bag constantly. It will stay in the position for all the time.


    Durable security systems

    Deep compartment

    Slip pockets

    Adjustable shoulder strap

    Rear zip pocket

    Two locking compartments


    Zipper may break

    Internal fabric may appear

    Travelon Women’s Modern Crossbody Bag

    Key features

    • Easy locking
    • No slash
    • Firm hold

    Ensuring the security of the valuables is one of the prime concerns. Maximum people suffer from this concern. But with is particular Travelon anti theft backpack, the worries will vanish. The bag can protect your valuables from being stolen. There is a locking strap that allows a strong hold of the bag.  

    Locking down the bag to any stationary object is a common feature of this brand. This bag is no exception. Besides, there are locking compartments. So, the pickpockets would be unable to get something from your bag. You can easily carry the bag to restaurants, theater halls, and other public places.

    The addition of stainless steel mesh allows the bag to remain in touch of your body. The strap is also slash-resistant. Thereby, you can always feel the bag closely attached with you. With the RFID blocking slots, you are safe from scanning of your cards. The thieves cannot scan the cards as the slot will prevent scanning.


    Locking compartment

    Slash-resistant feature

    Lightweight to carry

    Stainless steel cables

    Several pockets

    Polyester body construction


    No visible disadvantages available

    Travelon Anti-Theft Active Small Crossbody, Black

    Key features

    • Large compartment
    • Attractive look
    • Special security

    When you need durable travelon bags, this one should be on the top of the list. The innovative features have made it attractive to everyone. There is locking straps in the bag so that you can lock the bag with any object. It keeps the bag secured. Besides, the locking compartments also ensures safety of your valuables inside the bag.

    Like the other bags of this brand, you also will have features like slash-resistance feature, easy carrying, strong strap, among others. Thus, the sense of insecurity will vanish instantly. The use of stainless steel mesh is another impressive feature. The bag will always be in touch of your body.                             

    Simultaneously, the bag comes with a RFID blocking slot. As a result, roadside scanners cannot get your identity. The slot will block activities of the scanners. So, you can place your passport, credit card, or debit cards in the slot.



    Stainless steel cables

    RFID blocking slot

    Side pockets

    Moderate storage

    Zippered pockets


    Defective zipper

    No other disadvantages found

    Benefits of anti-theft bags

    In brief, the answer is difficult.

    But in most of the cases, you will have the option to remain secured. The bag has sufficient features to protect from ordinary theft and similar incidents. However, you need no worries at all. The bags also have certain other features that make it a comfortable one.

    The explanations here will make the issue clearer.

    Durable bags

    Most impressive aspect of Travelon anti-theft crossbody bucket bag is that it is durable. You can compare the bag with the other similar bags. The result will favor this bag for its durable design and performance. The manufacturer takes a good care of the bags so that they last long. In reality, the bags last long too.

    Special security

    The mainstream travelon bags come with several types of security measures. So, if you are worried about your valuables, you need not to be. The security measures are strong enough to prevent almost all types of theft. You can also lock the bag with stationary objects. Therefore, the thieves would be unable to steal your belongings.    

    Reinforced materials

    On the other part, the bags are from reinforced materials. Therefore, this is not possible for the ordinary thieves to take away your bag all on a sudden. If the thief gang want to cut the strap, that is impossible too. However, the scenarios are the opposite with the ordinary bags.

    Prevents scanning of identity

    At times, people move in streets with their identity documents and different debit and credit cards. The thief gang or hackers can scan your identity and can create a ‘situation’ for you. But if you are using the Travelon crossbody bag, you are safe. They cannot scan your documents. The bag will prevent the scanning using the RFID blocking slot.  


    At the same time, the bags are lightweight. Carrying the bags to anywhere you go is not a big deal. Due to the lightweight feature, you can carry the bags almost everywhere in your daily life. Thereby, numbers of people are in love with the bags and the rating is always up to the mark.

    Convenient straps

    Besides, you can also use the straps while using the bags. The straps are adjustable and comfortable too. It takes less than a minute to adjust the straps. Most notable aspect is that the straps are cut-proof, durable and wears less. Similar other bags do not have such convenient straps.

    Spacious compartments 

    Simultaneously, there are spacious compartments with the bags. No wonder if you can discover some hidden compartments in your bag. You can arrange all the items inside your bag in an organized manner. Moreover, the concealed parts also increase the time for the thieves to find out your valuables. By this time, you can take necessary actions against them.


    How to buy a Travelon crossbody bag?

    In this section, we will discuss about the features that we need to consider before the purchase. In fact, this is not easy to select a bag that comes with anti-theft feature. You need to care some other issues as well.

    In fact, you are not using the bag to carry your wallet alone. You may have other valuables. They include your iPad, identity card, passport, debit card, credit card, and hard cash, among others.

    Therefore, the bag should be stylish, attractive, and smart in line with other features. 

    The issues are explained here. You must check that your bag has all the features mentioned below.

    Strong fabric

    Without a strong fabric, you cannot expect longevity of your bag. Usually, the anti-theft bags are from strong fabrics like canvas or nylon. They do not make any inconvenience while using the bags. Thereby, this is important that you check the fabric of the bag. Make sure, it comes either from nylon or from canvas.

    Wire mesh

    Generally, the wire mesh is most preferable to anti-theft bag users. Due to the wire mesh, the bags do not get out of the touch of users. Besides, if someone tries to snatch the bag, it would be impossible. Therefore, all such bags come with this particular feature. You should also check if the bag has the same feature or not.

    Zipper lock

    All the bags come with zipper. But they do not have the zipper locks. When you are planning to have an anti-theft bag, check this feature. The zipper lock makes it difficult for the thieves to open the bag. It takes time to open the zipper lock.

    But do you know that the thieves are always racing against time? So, it would be tough for them to get the valuables from your bag.

    Multiple pockets

    Besides, the bag should also come with multiple pocket features. With the increased number of pockets, you can utilize them effectively. Storing all the documents and items in a single compartment is inconvenient. But if you use the other pockets, you can get rid of this hassle. And so, you need to be careful about this particular issue. 

    Stylish color and outlook

    Simultaneously, you also need to focus on the color and outlook of the bag. A bag also represents your tastes and status. So, if you pick a bag with weird color, you may not represent yourself. Before finally deciding to have such a bag, check the color. Also, check the style and if that matches your profile.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is RFID scanner block slot?

    A: The RFID scanner block slot is a pocket which prevents the use of small scanners. Oftentimes, many hackers and identity thieves try to scan bags. They want to steal your identity and use those for their criminal activities. But with the RFID scanner block slot, they are unable to do so.

    If you keep your credit cards, debit cards or any other identity cards, they cannot scan the chip. Thus, you are safe from hackers.

    Q: Why do I need secret pockets?

    A: Using the secrets pockets, your valuables can remain safe. When you are placing your items in the secret pockets, this could be tough to find them out. The thieves would be unable to figure out where the valuable are. It will cost them time to find the reality.

    Q: Where can I use travelon anti theft backpack?

    A: Well, this is the most suitable backpack for public place. Even if you are in short trips, you can use the backpacks. You may need to carry some smaller items during the trips. But if you do not want to use your pockets, the backpack is the best option. Many people are doing so.

    Last words

    We are in the last part of this Travelon anti theft crossbody bag. So far, you have got all the necessary information and features of this Travelon anti theft crossbody bucket bag. Remember, this Travelon anti theft classic crossbody bucket bag is a secured one. You can rely on the Travelon bags without a second thought.

    So, grab the Travelon crossbody bag from the reviews above that suits you most.

    We also appreciate your remarks. Use the comment box below to share your thoughts and ideas. 

    Happy shopping!



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