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Our terms and conditions are simple.

We would like to ensure you that you have to agree with some simple terms and conditions with us.

Remember, the clauses here are for your convenience and they also aim to improve our services through this website. Security of the visitors The first and most important issue is cybersecurity. We shall never violate the security rules.

Initially, we may need some basic information about your clients like their IP address, location, etc. The information will be stored to our server so that we can locate you and provide the necessary article services that you need more.

It will also help us to know about the potential site users. In the end, we can generate some useful articles with tips, tricks, reviews, features so that our readers can derive the best benefits.

Transactions We also assure you that we do not make any direct, indirect, or any sort of transactions or promises to our readers.

The sole aim of this site is to provide the readers with the latest information about luggage, backpacks and other traveling gears that they frequently need. Hence, there is no issue of financial or any sort of transaction between the parties (we and the site users).

Copyright Remember, the contents of this website solely belong to us. This is our intellectual property. So, using the contents in any form is against the copyright law. If you want to use the contents for any of your purposes- regardless of commercial or personal, you need to obtain permission in written from us or our designated authorities or person before using.

Any violation of the aforesaid clause is subject to a legal dispute between the violator and us. However, the clause is not applicable to some points. You can share our contents on various social platforms without any prior permission which will help others to know about the updated information on luggage and other travel kits.

How we make money?

We need to make this monetization issue clear to everyone. We are here not for any illegal business or scams. Rather, we are investing our time and efforts to make some money for online.

The key source of our income of this website is from the amazon affiliate program. When someone will read our article and purchase any reviewed product, we will have a certain percentage of sales commission from amazon.

Other than this, we also make money from Google AdSense. We will have advertisement from Google and we shall have a certain percentage of commission for displaying the advertisements.

We expect your cooperation in this regard. To reach us, you can use the comment box below every post. Our teammates are vigilant and they will respond to you shortly. Or you can also mail us directly using the email address below. “hello.beforethetravel@gmail.com