Skyway Luggage Review: Your Budget Friendly Travel Partner

by Apr 9, 2022

The Ricardo Beverly Hills’s Skyway brand has been comforting travelers since 1910. Since you are about to explore this Skyway Luggage Review, we assume you are looking forward to some exciting travel adventure.

Skyway comes with a range of both hard and soft case suitcases. Quality features and reliable materials are not the only best things about them – they are lightweight, easy to carry, and very much budget-friendly for the users.

There are several types of Skyway luggage available. But the most prominent ones are- 

  1. Skyway Epic Luggage
  2. Skyway Eastlake Luggage
  3. Skyway Nimbus 2.0 Luggage
  4. Skyway Sigma
  5. Skyway Kennewick Carry on

Each of the creatively designed luggage has their unique benefits to offer. But you know, everything in the world has two sides. They are not the exceptions. 

In this review, we will look into all the available aspects of making a Skyway suitcase your travel partner. We hope it will help you figure out if Skyway is worth spending your hard-earned money on.

  1. Skyway Eastlake Luggage: Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

Skyway’s Eastlake Luggage is everything you would want a lightweight and budget friendly suitcase to be like. This easy to carry luggage comes available in three different sizes. Its 20-inch spinner carry – on size measures 19.5 by 14 by 9.25 inches at 6.5 pounds. The 24 inch eastlake spinner suitcase measures 25 × 18 × 10.25 inches at 8.2 pounds. Lastly, the largest eastlake spinner luggage is sized 28 inches with dimensions of 29 × 20 × 11.5 inches at 12.5 pounds.

This suitcase is comfortable to use given that it offers a smooth rolling feature. Furthermore, the pockets on both its interior and exterior sides coupled with compression straps will add to your convenience. The compression strap makes sure that all your packed stuff stays in place and prevents your things from getting scattered. It also has a satisfactory packing space and capacity.

Key features:

  • Consists of soft case features
  • 2 front pockets with zippers
  • 4 spinner wheels
  • Convenient internal compartment
  • Zippers with locks
  • Expander zipper lets you pack extra stuff


Extremely lightweight and easy to carry

Easy to move because of spinner wheels

Internal compartments are conveniently designed which makes packing easy

Expansion zip allows you to over pack


Do not have a handle at the bottom which makes it difficult to move it from overhead.

The telescopic handle has only 2 positions

If lightweight is the primary feature you are looking forward to in your desired suitcase, then Skyway’s Eastlake Luggage is definitely for you.

  1. Skyway Nimbus 2.0 Luggage: Hardside Expandable Spinner Suitcase

Unlike the Eastlake luggage, this one is a hard case suitcase that is designed in two halves. This means you get to use two packing compartments on two sides. The nimbus luggage being designed out of ABS material is relatively heavy. However, its exteriors are strongly built and thus more reliable.

Skyway’s Nimbus suitcase has a 20 inch carry on the size that measures 19.5 by 14 by 8.5 inches, weighing 7lbs and 9oz. Its 24 inch checked suitcase weighing 9lbs and 3 oz, measures 24 by 17 by 9.5 inches. Finally, its 28 inch checked size weighs 8lbs and 8oz with dimensions of 28 by 19 by 10 inches.

You get to expand the packing capacity by just pulling the zipper. If you are planning to pack souvenirs, undergarments, belts, and other small items, look no further than the skyway nimbus suitcase. Its zippered mesh pockets are perfect for packing your small useful items without having to worry about losing them.

Key features:

  • Has smooth spinner wheels
  • Durable handle system
  • Handles are firm and easy to hold
  • 2 compartments available for packing
  • Self-repairing zippers and zipper pullers
  • Compression straps hold your packed stuff in place
  • Guaranteed reliability of materials
  • Packing capacity is expandable


Convenient 360-degree spinner wheels

Made of protective ABS material

Comfortable handles

Large packing capacity that can be expanded

Good value for the money spent


Heavier than other Skyway luggages

No pockets on the exteriors

No deep side packing compartment available

TSA locks are not available

Wheels are not durable

If you are comfortable with packing in 2 sided compartments and if a slightly heavy weight doesn’t bother you then it’s worth choosing Skyway’s Nimbus Luggage.

  1. Skyway Epic Luggage: Softside 2- Wheel Carry – On

Dyed in black, the Skyway Epic Softside 2- Wheel Carry- On suitcase is designed with 3 zip and 2 exterior pockets.

What makes it easy to carry and use are its amazing softness and lightweight. Moreover, this luggage is shaped with durable materials and comes complete with a multistage collapsible handle.

It’s much similar to Skyway’s Eastlake suitcase except that this one offers more comfort, greater convenience and hence demands a bit higher price.

Skyway brings to you this epic suitcase in 3 main sizes. Its 21 inch carry on size measures 7 by 14 by 21 inches and weighs 6.2 lbs. The Skyway Epic 25 inch checked case weighs 7.65 lbs and has dimensions as big or small as 11×19×27.5 inches. Its 28 inch checked case luggage measuring 10 by 19 by 28 inches, weighs 10.9 lbs.

This epic luggage brings you an even more epic travel preparation experience by letting you save 25% on your purchase. Yes, you have read it right. You no longer have to spend $100 for it. The Skyway Epic Luggage is now available for only $74.99.

Key features:

  • Lightweight
  • Made with abrasion-resistant material
  • Consists of a zippered – expander
  • Wheeled with 2 skate wheels
  • Handles are gel-cushioned


Comfortable to travel with due to its lightweight, simple and softshell design

Designed with reliable and durable materials

The zipper expander allows expandable packing


It has old fashioned skate wheels and not modern spinners.

Relatively expensive compared to other Skyway suitcases

No TSA locks available

  1. Skyway Sigma 5.0: Expandable Spinner Luggage

With amazing height adjustable comfy handle and smooth spinner wheels, the Skyway Sigma luggage is a work of absolute convenience. Just like Skyway’s Eastlake and Nimbus suitcases, this case has straps to keep your items in place.

Additionally, you are able to expand the packing space to a maximum of 2 inches. Another one of its interesting feature lets you pack your clean clothes separately from used clothes. It’s the full length zippered mesh pocket in the luggage that allows you to pack clean clothes separately.

The Skyway Sigma 21-inch suitcase weighs 6.2 pounds and measures 21 by 15 by 10 inches. Its 25-inch suitcase measures 25 by 18 by 11 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds. The larger 29-inch luggage measures 29 by 20 by 12 inches and weighs 8.7 pounds.

Key features:

  • Carry handles on the top and side
  • Has self-repairing durable zippers and zipper pullers
  • Full length zippered mesh pocket available
  • Great compression straps


Large packing space and capacity

Made of durable fabric

Designed out of solid materials

Good quality smooth zippers


Wheels lacks rail

Might seem too large to carry for some people

The material brings out unpleasant odour when initially unboxed

If you have a lot to pack and worried about fitting all your items, you should try out Skyway Sigma Luggage.

  1. Skyway Kennewick: Carry On Luggage

This carry-on suitcase is made of durable and reliable weather-resistant polyester material.

With a weight of 5.8 pounds, the Skyway Kennewick luggage measures 21 by 15 by 9 inches in the body and 24 by 15.5 by 11 inches overall. Furthermore, it can be expanded up to 2 inches.

Key features:

  • Adjustable tie-down straps
  • Signature lining
  • Large interior pockets
  • Large packing compartments
  • Comfy handle
  • Comfortable top and side carry handle
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • 2 exterior pockets
  • Expandable packing capacity
  • 5-year warranty period


Smooth wheels

Lightweight and easy to travel with

Attractive color makes it easy to identify during journeys

Comfy handles

2 mesh pockets on the lid

Lockable zippers are smooth

Easy to maneuver


Might appear too big to travel on airlines

If you are looking for a suitcase made of standard material with smooth rotating wheels and zippers, this is going to be your comfortable travel partner.

As you can see in this Skyway Luggage Review, each luggage has their benefits and demerits. Before choosing a luggage, you might need to figure out your priorities. If you prioritise weight over any other factor, you should try out Eastlake or Epic Luggage. Similarly, if space or capacity is your major need, Skyway Sigma is your right companion.

Probably, this Skyway Luggage Review has helped you prepare better for your upcoming travel adventures. Feel free to drop your queries if you have any. Happy traveling!


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