Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Review for Beginners

by Jul 6, 2021

Do you know what a traveler needs more during a trip?

It is a luggage. Without the luggage, you cannot make the trip happen. It’s like a lock. You need the right key to open it.

In this Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Review, I will discuss three luggage. To make your next trip smoother, you must get some pre-ideas. And the review tells you the details.

No matter, if it is a long trip, or short. Always a samsonite winfield 3 dlx 3-piece hardside spinner set will be in your side.

Let’s check the details on samsonite winfield 3 dlx 28” spinner below.

How I selected the products

The product selection process was not random. First of all, I applied my personal expertise in selecting them. Moreover, I had talks with several samsonite winfield 3 dlx 25” spinner users. You will also see a portray of their opinion.
Further, I also discussed the matter with the sellers. They explained why the luggage is gaining popularity. And also what are the scopes of improvements.
So, you will get an unbiased review of the products. So, shall we head to exploring the reviews?

The products

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX 20” spinner

It’s my first selection for several reasons. The prominent aspect is that it has a wide packaging dimension. But it does not look heavier. Rather, it has a light look with the feature of carrying lots of items inside. So, it is usable for both domestic and international travel.

Warranty is another feature of this product. The manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty for this product. The warranty is applicable to defects in materials and workmanship. But the other manufacturers do not have a similar warranty.

I also loved the spinner wheels. They, in fact, are the key driving force of this luggage. The wheels are multi-directional. So, you can move to any direction you need. It brings mobility and without less efforts.

The self-retracting feature is another plus. When not in use, you can keep the handle low. It saves space and time. And, you can instantly get the handle when you need.

Security was another concern for the manufacturer. So, you will get a side-mounted TSA locks. The locks are secured. There are less chances of theft. Thereby, your valuables and belongings inside the luggage remain safe.


Four pockets

Lightweight luggage

Polycarbonate construction

Stuyrdy spinner wheels

Push-button handle


Lining may rip

Covers manufacturer’s defects only

Materials need more improvement

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX 25” spinner

It’s a combination of the beauty and the beast. I have selected it for its colors, strength and sizes. The product is available in colors like emerald, blue, rose, and graphite grey. So, they match your styles and brings a majestic look.

Dimension matters most for a luggage. It comes with an overall dimension of 27.0″ x 17.25″ x 11.375″. Therefore, you can hold all your necessary travel items on it. No matter if the trip is short or long, it will entertain both. But the usual luggage does not have the same feature. 

Effortless mobility is another feature to love. For the four multi-directional wheels, you have it. The wheels will move around. You can go towards any direction. Now, you not need to pull or push the luggage hard.

At times, the luggage handles cause troubles. Folding or retracting them is really a challenge. But with this Samsonite product, you will feel relaxed. It comes with a retractable handle. With a simple push of finger, the handle retracts smoothly.   

When you need to carry additional items, the four pockets are of great help. They are perfectly sized and can hold several small items. Besides, the addition of zippers also make it secure.


Integrated TSA lock


Ergonomic pull handle

Available in colors

Wider pull handle


May break easily

Inside net cover not preferable

Weak zipper

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX 28” Spinner

Travel made easier with Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX luggage. It arrives with couple of industry-best features. Zippered pockets are the prominent ones, here. The zips are stronger and thus ensures security of your belongings.

A scratch-resistant polycarbonate body is another feature. I can bet you cannot take proper care of your luggage. It may get scratched. Or may experience any other types of damages. But this particular one will keep you free of worries. It’s scratch resistant.

By dint of four wheels, you can move it to any directions. The wheels are multi-directional. Therefore, you need not any hassle in this case as well.

The pull handle is also a plus. Easily you can retract the handle. With a simple push, it will retract. But with similar other luggage, the issue is a bit struggling.

If you love stylish luggage, this is the right one. It has numbers of color availability. For instance, you can have it in colors including black, graphite grey, rose, or even in navy. A wide selection of colors helps to make it look wonderful.

Space is another feature to wonder. It has sufficient space in and outside of the luggage. You also will get four pockets and two side divider panel. Thus, it allows you to carry almost all the belongings for your long or short trips.


Lightweight luggage

Integrated TSA lock

Spinner wheels

Simple pull handle

Functional design


Interior lining may rip

Shell easily gets damaged

Restricted refund policy

How to buy the right luggage?

This is a million-dollar question. A notable number of people are in need of the right luggage. They cannot select the best one. Because they lack the know-how.

However, some wise travelers rely on Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Review. They know that the reviews will direct them to have the most suitable one. So, they read the reviews.

You may lack time to spend on research or browse the internet. So, I have made this buying guide section. You will get some brief ideas on buying the right luggage.

Check the space inside

Regardless of the outlook, you need to check the space of the luggage. Usually, samsonite winfield 3 dlx 3-piece hardside spinner set has ample space. You can have space to use in both in and outside of the luggage.

It does not mean that you have to buy this particular one. Rather, you must check the space of your luggage. How much space it allows you, or if you can carry all your belongings, etc. 


The longevity of a luggage is another issue to care. Many of the cases, the luggage has an impressive outlook. But it lasts less than expected. In that case, it is unwise to spend money on those products.

Instead, you can get some first-hand reviews. There, you will know the durability of the luggage. Or at least, you will have some ideas about durability.

Mobility of the luggage

Surely, you do not want to push your luggage in the airport. And that is indecent as well. The luggage movement should be multi-directional. And smooth as well. If there are multi-directional wheels, you will have a smooth mobility.

Experts recommend to check on this issue in particular.

Check security measures

At the same time, you must check the security of the luggage as well. Make sure the luggage has a sufficient security system. Check the locking mechanism and other security measures. Usually, experts prefer TSA locks that you can have in samsonite winfield 3 dlx 28” spinner.

Frequently Asked Questions 


What should I carry on my samsonite winfield 3 dlx 25'' spinner during a short trip?

Well. Experts recommend to carry only the necessary belongings during a short trip. You can make a list of essential things. Make sure, you get all of those. Otherwise, you are to face troubles.


Is it better to buy luggage online?

It is always better to get a luggage after physically checking it. However, if you lack time or do not want to visit store, you can go online. But in that case, you must purchase from a reliable seller.


Can I carry my laptop on samsonite winfield 3 dlx 28'' spinner?

It is possible to carry a laptop in this particular luggage. But you need to take some precautionary measures. Ensure that you wrap up your laptop with a heavy pad. Or you can also use a couple of clothes to pack it properly.

Last words  

So, it is the complete Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Review. Hope, you have got enough information to make the next deal.

However, if you want to share your thoughts, use the comment box below. We appreciate your remarks and comments. And get the right luggage for your next trip.

Wishing you a happy trip.


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