Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 fashion Hs 3 piece set reviews

by Mar 9, 2020

Are you planning for your next summer trip?

For some stylish travels, you need this Samsonite Winfield 2 3-piece luggage set.

Well, wait for a few moments. You will find explanations gradually. In fact, this is a post that is dedicated to this particular lightweight luggage set.
They set comes with lots of features and advantages. The most important aspect is that the luggage set will make your journey comfortable. You can carry a large number of items with you during the trip. Besides, carrying the luggage is also comfortable because of the wheels.

How I did the review?

Well, I am not an expert about luggage, but I love to travel. So, I need to know about the different types of luggage and their features. Moreover, I also love to share and collect information from others. In this process, I had talks with various travelers like me regarding the luggage.

Besides, I also perform some online researches before purchasing any luggage. Therefore, all the experience, discussions, and online reviews helped me to make this post. And hope, this would be of great use for you too.

Easy transportation

First of all, the users are happy with the easy transportation system. In most of the cases, carrying the luggage is a big deal for them. Since there are no wheels with the majority of the luggage, it becomes tough to carry them. If the luggage is filled with stuff, the troubles worsen.

However, you are relieved from such issues if you have this luggage set. They come with four  360-degree spinner wheels. Therefore, you can carry or move the luggage to any direction you need. Simply hold the handle, and the luggage will start following you.

Durable construction

The other impressive feature is that the luggage set has a durable construction. They are from lightweight polycarbonate. Consequently, they are durable. Moreover, the polycarbonate can prevent scratches as well. You need no worries about the scratch issues. The elegant brushed patterns can hide them finely.

This is not possible to remain careful all the time. Your luggage may encounter a number of incidents like pushing, thrashing, and more. At the end of the day, the luggage suffers the marks of its struggle during your trip. But this particular luggage set can absorb the impacts for the sturdy construction.


Eye-catchy colors

On the other part, the Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 comes with an eye-catchy color. So, if you want to get noticed amid a crowd, they can help you out perfectly. The attractive color is permanent, as well. The luggage set is presently available in colors, including orange, deep blue, charcoal, and purple.


Worried about the safety of the contents inside the luggage? No worries! The luggage set comes with TSA compatible combination lock. This is not possible for a stranger to break into the luggage without heavy professional support. You can remain free of concerns in this case. The combination lock is easy to open if you have the combination numbers.

And of course, you are not sharing the combination digits to someone else. Thereby, you can expect a safe and secure journey with this luggage. With the usual luggage, there are locks and keys. You cannot blame yourself if you lose the keys. Thus, the combination lock is safer in this term too.

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Comfortable handle

At times, travelers are in a mess to carry the luggage. The handle is not comfortable and thin, as well. But the experience would be different here for you. This Samsonite luggage set has a push button handle. The handle is wide and light too. It also provides a pleasant grip.

The handle is from multi-stage aluminum. You need not worry about the durability of the handle. In line with the retracting top, there is a side handle too. If you feel bored to use the retractable handle, you can move forward by carrying the side handle. 


Inner space of Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2

Each of the luggage opens into two halves. Therefore, you are getting double space to store your travel stuff and accessories. The other usual luggage has a single compartment.

As a direct result, you cannot have all the necessary items for your travel. And you know, you may need lots of necessary and emergency things for a trip as the situations are unpredictable.

If you cannot carry all the items, you may have to spend some extra bucks to get them in your traveling spot. This luggage set will provide you with ample space to hold all the items you will need for your trip. 

Three sizes

At the same time, you have the option of getting the luggage in three different sizes. The sizes are 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. Considering your trip plan and distance, you can have any of that luggage.

For a larger trip, you can opt for the 28-inch one, and for overnight or a day trip, the 20-inch one is the best. 


The other surprising factor is that the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty for their products. No other manufacturers dare to offer such a lengthy warranty. As the products are up to the mark and have fewer flaws, the manufacturer takes it as a challenge to provide the warranty period.

The users will get the warranty that will cover defects in the product and if there are any artistry flaws.

Pros & Cons



Durable performance


Solid construction


Convenient transportation


Crafted with 100 percent polycarbonate materials


10-year warranty


Available in varied colors



Wheels are exposed


Zip may break on frequent use

Luggage buying guide – How to buy luggage easy tips to follow

This is the second section of this article. It solely aims for beginners who want to purchase their first luggage. There are lots of brands with respective features and attractions. But if you need to get a piece of durable luggage for a long time application, you need to have some expert advice.

After consultation with some of the luggage experts, I am reflecting on their views. You must consider the issues before making the final deal with the luggage seller. The tips will guide you to get the best-suited one.

Luggage size

Size might not matter in chopping wood. But size matters for luggage. Further, not all the luggage is equal. If the luggage size is not up to the mark, you might fall in trouble. When people plan for a long trip, they need to get many necessary items and accessories.

If the luggage size is small or inadequate, they need to revise their plans again and again. This is an irritating aspect. But if you have spacious luggage, you can have all the essential items with you on the go. So, check the size and crosscheck with your requirements.

After-sales service

This is natural that you might have issues with the luggage once you get it. In fact, no one can assure you that there won’t be any trouble after purchasing luggage. So, when you are in such a problem, you may need after-sales service or customer support. This is a vital fact, indeed.

Therefore, you must check if the luggage seller brand has any customer support outlet or not to take care of such matters. You are getting luggage with your hard-earned dollars. But if you cannot get the benefits properly, that would be sad. Thus, experts recommend checking the customer support before deciding about the luggage purchase. 

Warranty of the product

Warranty refers that the seller will resolve the faults of the luggage by their cost and assures the customers. The products without warranty often bring loss for the buyers. If there are any problems with the luggage, you have to repair it by your cost. And the seller or manufacturer will not be liable for that.

Thus, this is wise to check if the luggage comes with a warranty. If there are no warranties, skip the idea to have the product and move for the next one. 

Fix your budget

Do you know that many of the potential luggage buyers cannot get their required luggage? Well, it happens as they do not have the right budget. They set their budget after checking the products physically at the stores. But having some online research about the budget can alter this process.

If you check the price using various selling sites, you can develop a concrete idea. Thus, you get your luggage with comfort.

 Last words

In this Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 fashion Hs 3 piece set review, I have added almost all the necessary elements. Thereby, you are now aware of the features of this particular luggage set. You have ideas about the advantages and disadvantages as well.

If you plan for a trip in the next few days, get this product for your additional comfort. The luggage is spacious and owns all the standard features.

We also welcome comments. Use the comment box below to share your kind thoughts and recommendations. You can also share your experience in using this product.

Happy shopping!  



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