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by Apr 6, 2020

Most of the people love to travel. And they carry their necessary items using backpacks or in a luggage.

I also love to travel. In this post, I will explain one of the most important issues that you need to consider while you are on the go. Its luggage.

In fact, I am a bit skilled than other people about travel tips and reviews. Accordingly, some of my mates and relatives seek advice over getting the right preparations.

Most of the cases, they face troubles about luggage as they are unable to pick the right luggage. Therefore, I have decided to make this post of luggage.

On my last trip, I used the Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set. It was a pleasant experience. Therefore, in this particular post, I will explain the features and advantages of this luggage set. It would be beneficial for the readers and newbies who love to travel around like me.

Let’s start exploring this exciting luggage set.

Storage options Of Rockland Two-Piece Luggage Set

The luggage set is different than the others in terms of storage. But this is not large enough to carry all your electronic gadgets; you can easily place the necessary clothing and daily accessories. However, you can also place your small notebook. The weight level will remain almost the same after packing all the accessories.

Moreover, you can add some extra items with your luggage too. You will get two zip pockets in the front line while three other mesh pockets are available too. So, this would not be a big deal to divide your items and store them in the luggage.

Fashionable luggage set

The other important issue is fashion and style. You are out of the home and with a too simple bag- it does not make any sense. Your luggage needs to be smarter than you. That should be stylish too. You will get all the features in this particular luggage. Besides, it comes in various colors and styles. The sets for men and women are different too.

rockland luggage 2 piece set

Simple Carrying Options

On the other part, the luggage set is simple to carry. In line with handles, you can have the option to carry the bag in your shoulder with a padded strap. But in most other cases, the luggage comes only with a handle. There are no or fewer options to hang them on the shoulder.

The wheels of the luggage are smarter too. You can pull the handle to the direction you want to move. And the wheels will follow your move that needs fewer efforts. The wheels are stable too.

Durable Luggage Construction

At the same time, the manufacturer has added some durable materials to make the set a sturdy one. The set is from polyester fabric. I would not promise that this is the most durable luggage set I have experienced. But it can withstand the most common travel hazards smoothly. Despite being a piece of smooth luggage, it can perform almost the same that a hard suitcase can do.

But remember, the luggage is subject to scratches, and you have to be careful about the handling. Regular handling may result in tear and wear as it is from soft fabric with low density.

Warranty Of Rockland Luggage 2 Piece

Warranty is the other impressive issue for this luggage set. This particular set comes with a three-year warranty. Usually, the other manufacturers do not provide the same length of the warranty period. Rather they provide one or two years. Therefore, you are getting an additional advantage here.

Reasonable in price

On the other part, the luggage set comes at a reasonable price. In fact, you are getting two luggage at a single price. This specific feature is not possible with another similar luggage set. The sellers will ask the price for both the product. And you are getting a complete set in exchange for the price for a single one. This is economical too.

Fits Standard Size Limit

To travel abroad and around, you need some particular size of your luggage. If the luggage is larger than the prescribed size from the airliners, traveling turns bitter. Considering this aspect, the manufacturer has made the size moderate. Therefore, it would not be tough to carry them through most of the commercial airlines.

rockland luggage reviews

The size of the rolling luggage is 21 inches X 14 inches X 9 inches. This is a moderate size and fits almost everywhere.

Suits Short Trips Perfectly

Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set is the perfect one for a short trip. If you plan to visit out of the city on your next weekend, you need this set. It can accommodate all the necessary items for your short trip. Experts recommend to place some of your attires and shoes in the luggage. In this case, you can use the larger piece for the attires and the smaller one for your shoes.


Simultaneously, you can expand the size of the bag. Initially, it looks smaller, but you can extend the bag. Carrying a large size of luggage is always troublesome. But if you can carry this convertible suitcase, that would be convenient all the time.


Suits everyone
Different colors available
Numbers of pockets
Reasonable price range
Easy of carrying small accessories
Durable product


Suitable for shorter trips
Subject to scratches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the luggage for a seven-day trip?
A: Well, this is possible to have a trip for seven days. But in that case, you are to be careful about the items and accessories you take. The size is not much larger, and thus it cannot hold lots of things like a large bag. You can only take your essentials, which are a must for the trip.

In this luggage, you can carry a couple of your attires and electronic gadgets. Moreover, you can also have a pair of shoes. No wonder that you can carry some of your small items. But you need to be economical while using the attires as you cannot carry a lot of them.

Q: Can I carry the luggage everywhere I go?
A: Of course, you can carry the luggage anywhere you go. The most impressive issue is that the luggage is with skate wheels. The wheels are durable and move smoothly. So, if you need to move in any direction, you can get assistance from the wheels.

Remember, the wheels are not multidirectional. So, you will not get the feature of multi-direction. But this would not create any effect on your travel, and carrying the luggage would be simple.

Q: Is this luggage set suitable for my kids?
A: Sure, your kids can also use the luggage. The size and shape of the luggage are not big enough to carry for a child. Besides, the wheels are not too large as well. Since they are balanced and strong, your kid can easily use the luggage.
Q: What can I carry using this luggage?
A: This is a tough question to answer. But I can make a list that you can usually carry with the set. In the large luggage you can have the following items:

  • Pairs of pants
  • Shirts (around four to five pieces)
  • A couple of underwear
  • Pair of sandal
  • Running or party shoes
  • Swim suit
  • Socks

And in the smaller luggage, you can have your laptop (smaller size), cables and other accessories.

Last words

In this review post, I have shared all the required information I had about the Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set. This is a smart luggage set that meets almost all the needs for a short or mid-range trip.

You can rely on the performance of the luggage without a second thought.



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