Privacy Policy


Do you have any doubt about this?
Of course, there is no doubt. So, you need to travel to know more about life, living and people. And you can apply the earned knowledge for your real-life.
But you cannot travel without your luggage, right?

So, we aim to use the website as an information hub related to luggage and other traveling accessories.

But if you want to use the website, you need to follow some simple rules and regulations.

Please be assured that the rules are for your sake. Abiding the norms will help to get newer information every moment, every day.

Therefore, we need to follow and respect this privacy policy.
Private information

When you browse our website, automatically the site will get some information from you. And this is the same for the other millions of website on the internet.

The site will automatically gather your browsing address, internet protocol address, and other related information.

No worries! The information is safe with us. We neither would never reveal the information to any third party nor we use them for commercial purposes. So, you are free of worries about information leakage.

Instead, the information will help us to know your location. Accordingly, we can generate posts that can meet your travelling needs. Also, we can send you some promotional materials And most importantly the information will be deleted gradually.
Content and image proprietorship

The contents, images and other relevant virtual properties in the website belong to us. We own the sole intellectual property. So, you cannot use them for any of commercial aims. But if you feel interesting and consider them worth sharing, do it at once. There are no barriers for such sharing.

Privacy Policy revision

This is the initial privacy policy for And this is subject to change at any time.
We generate reviews and articles on various travelling gadgets, gears and accessories. To keep pace with time, we may need to bring change in the privacy policy. This is a natural attempt to comply with the fast-pacing world.

Therefore, we may make necessary amendments in the policy in regular interval.

We will explain the facts, figures and other matters that we had to experience throughout the course. We may not always inform the changes in the policy. It would be highly appreciated if you check yourself, in case of your needs.
Or if there is any breakthrough, we mail email you clarifying the events.
Rights of the users
Rights of Users

As a user, you have the right to browse the site at any time of the day, month and year. You need no permission from anyone to use it.

Please remember, we do not make any financial transactions without any of our website users. So, this is unnecessary to keep any track of your footprint in this site.
Similarly, you are ineligible to get access in the admin panel or any other internal issues related to this website. Instead, you can make comment on the comment boxes below each article. Or you can directly mail us to