How to become a travel agent from home – Facts You Shouldn’t Miss

by Jun 13, 2020

Can you imagine you are the boss of your own? Well, this can happen in reality, and many people around the world are their own bosses. There are a number of professions, but the role of a travel agent is challenging. And if you are a home-based travel agent, you have ample options to grow in the industry. So, do you want to know how to become a travel agent from home? This is not a million-dollar question, but also, it is not easy to answer. If you want to know how to become a home-based travel agent, this post would be of great help. You will have the essential tips and ideas to open your dream travel agency from your home. But before that, you need to get complete insights into the online travel agent jobs. Gradually, you will have all the essential information in this post. So, let’s start the exploration.

How to become a home-based travel agent?

Do you exactly know the roles of a travel agent? Well, if you do not have a clear concept, get a brief idea here. The role of a travel agent is to help people plan for their traveling at home and abroad. People visit the travel agent offices and book their trips. But when you are planning virtual travel agent jobs, you must know some practical issues.

Train yourself

The very first issue to get familiarity with the terms, issues, and processes. So, you need to get training to be a virtual travel agent. There are various training centers around who train the novices and make them skilled travel agent working from home. You can find out any of those to meet your needs. We do not share any names or hints about any particular institutions. It is entirely up to your choice. Do some online research, find out your desired organization, and get the training.

Get your license

The first thing is to know about the travel agent license requirements. If you do not have a travel agent license, you cannot operate the agency either at home or at any office. So, you need to obtain a license from the respective authorities of your locality. To obtain a license, you might have to submit relevant documents like your identity, travel agents business plan, and others. So, get your license following standard procedure.

Set your goals

The other travel agent job requirements include setting the goals. You need to analyze your business and competitors. Remember, because of independent nature, the number of online travel agent jobs are increasing. People find interest in it. So, you have to set your goals, which will help you grow in this business. Analyzing your competitors, you can find out how they are dealing and doing. It is another scope to make you aware of the latest happenings around. Ultimately, your virtual travel agent plans will turn into a success. In this phase, you have to figure out which services you want to serve, how you will deal with your clients, and what would be the ultimate service. Once you figured them out, it would be easier for you to start the journey as a home-based travel agent.

Your expertise matters

On the other part, if you work from home travel agent no experience, you cannot shine. You need to have experience and expertise. For instance, some people are highly skilled in scuba diving. Some other people are experts in hiking or climbing. Also, some people can navigate across the rivers and seas, or love to arrange adventure trips. Therefore, when you have the expertise, you can have a number of clients. You need to physical office or location to complete the formalities. According to your experience, you can serve your clients. Please note that you can set several niches. Or you can combine the niches for the convenience of your clients. But you must have the potential skills and expertise to handles all the aspects together and smoothly.

Know your clients

Do you know how travel agents make money? They know their clients. Knowing what your client wants is an excellent way to excel in the business. It would be wise if you can analyze the needs of your clients. Before making a deal with the clients, ask about their preference. Get a clear idea about the facts that they explain. Also, you can ask issues like how they want to stay, their food preference, if they love any specific beverage, or if there is any particular location. Moreover, you can know about their luggage carrying capacity, preference, and others. All the matters will make you enabled to deliver the right thing.

Establish your brand

Branding is a widely practiced way of success. If you can make yourself a brand, your clients will run after you. Success would be at your doorsteps. But to establish yourself as a brand, you are to work hard. Follow the standard strategies of marketing. If possible, invest in digital marketing to make your presence visible among potential travelers.

Get a host agency

At times, this is not possible for the travel agents business plan to handle everything. If there is an external party like to ensure insurance, tracking commissions, and others, it would be more comfortable. When you are integrated with such a host agency, you need less worries. The host agency will take care of the rest of the jobs.

Make your website

At the same time, you can make your website for online travel agent jobs. To be professional and reliable to your potential clients, you need a website. You will have all the necessary solutions and packages to confirm the booking of your clients. A website can also manage your client profiles, show you a number of booked trips and other relevant information.


Do you know how that networking can make your virtual travel agent project more successful? Well, this is another approach to reach your potential clientele. The more you reach people with your service, the more you will have the potentials to grow. The basic strategy is that you have to keep regular communication with people. Inform them about your entrepreneurship and services. Gradually, they will know about the features and flexibility. Some of them will refer you to your potential clients. And at the end, you get some jobs of ensuring smooth trips for your clients.

Requirements for your dream travel agency

You will need a couple of virtual and physical things As long as you have a steady phone and internet connection, you can do your job.

  • Continuous virtual presence
  • Steady internet connection
  • Smartphone
  • Traveling skills
  • Knowledge of traveling packages
  • Ideas about logistics
  • Connection with suppliers
  • Communication with other tour operators, restaurants, hotels, cruise operators
  • Fixing your package prices
  • Familiarization with travel destinations
  • Trip sketching skills


Benefits of virtual travel agent jobs

On the part, you will also have many benefits if you start your dream travel agency. Some of the key benefits are listed here.

  • Home-based income
  • Flexible timing
  • Exploring opportunities
  • Less investment
  • Part-time and full-time features
  • Independent venture
  • Decent living
  • No special training needed
  • Suitable for any educational background


Home-based travel agent salary

To be honest, there is no fixed salary for online travel agent jobs. It depends on your skills and expertise. You will get a commission for confirming each of the trip bookings. The commission percentage depends on types of booking, location, the reputation of the travel agent, among others.

How does a travel agent get paid? 

Basically, the commission is the key earning source. And the virtual travel agent collects commissions from the services s/ he provides. For instance, if you can book a trip worth $1000, you can get a 10 percent commission. So, you are having $100 in your booking. And if you can have five reservations a day, you can earn $500 by working from home. But remember, this is a bit non-conventional job. So, if you are not skilled, it is not guaranteed that you will have the estimated amount every day. It may happen that you may not have a deal for over a month. During that time, you have to rely on other sources of income. But once you can establish your travel agents business plan, your earning flow will never decline.

Why should you pick online travel agent jobs?

There are various reasons to opt for this profession. First of all, this is not like other full-time jobs. You have the flexibility to deal with your clients and agencies. Furthermore, you can have fewer worries when you work as an online travel agent. Usual jobs are hefty, create numerous complications, and remove the peace of mind. But the scenarios are not the same here. This job also will help you make money with less efforts. If you have the right connections, smooth dealing, convincing power to clients, this is the perfect job for you.

Key roles of online travel agent jobs

Do you have a clear conception of the key roles of a travel agent? As a travel agency leader, you need to know the roles and responsibilities accurately. The key roles of a travel agent are as followed:

  • Liaison with other agents
  • Booking cruise or trips for clients
  • Communication with hospitality industries
  • Conducting surveys to find the best facilities for the tourists
  • Mapping for a trip
  • Every day scheduling
  • Marketing of packages
  • Providing during, before and after-sales services
  • Service improvement to hold client attention
  • Working with clients directly (sometimes)
  • Business management
  • And more.

So, you need to move fast. Don’t wait to know more about how to become a home-based travel agent. Instead, start your dream travel agency today. Get the online travel agent jobs and work from home travel agent no experience. But make sure you have followed the travel agent license requirements. And do not worry about the home-based travel agent salary. As virtual travel agent jobs, you will make plenty of money within a short time.


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