Dji Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal – Facts and Figures Explained in Brief

by Mar 16, 2020

Earlier, traveling was not so easy as it is today.

In ancient times, people used to travel following different modes and ways. But now, you can easily have all the modern benefits.

And of course, a trip is always incomplete without images and videos. This DJI Osmo mobile 2 handheld smartphone gimbal is a convenient tool that will help you cage your precious moments in various formats.


Well, no wonder that we are in the age of modernity. Everything around us is getting modernized. The use of the telephone has been altered with the use of cellular phones, popularly known as mobile phones. Moreover, people get a mobile phone for convenience.

The phones can get pictures, play music, stream videos, and more.

So, this is natural that everyone will want to use cell phones to capture their moments and make those moments remarkable. But holding a mobile phone is not always possible. Fall, fatigue – all can affect the mobile phone. And it may result in serious damage.

But if you use the dji osmo mobile 2 tripod, you are safe.

In this post, you will get a comprehensive idea about the product. We will now move to the product description and its features and other facts.

Lightweight design

The first and most impressive issue is lightweight design. When you are on a trip, you need to carry a large number of items. This is not possible to hold a weighty device in hand for photography. You have many other things to do and hold together. But this is a lightweight product.

Holding the gimbal is easy and simple. Being lightweight, you will never feel that you are holding down something. Thus, this could be a great companion for your regular travel.

Durable battery

If you use your mobile phone, you cannot expect that to last for over eight to ten hours after using all the features. But what about this particular gimbal? Surprisingly, it can last for around 15 hours. Yes, 15 F-I-F-T-E-E-N hours at a stretch. In this time, you can utilize all the necessary features of the gimbal.

Before the DJI Osmo mobile 3 release date, it was a type of surprise for the users. They could not believe that this particular gimbal will provide such a lengthy service. The device can meet all the photography, streaming, and other needs of the users at this time.  

Several modes

At the same time, you can have several modes with this photography gear. It will help you to manipulate mobile photographic needs. If you need to capture photos following any specific mode, you can have that easily. The gear provides timelapse, motion lapse, hyper-lapse, and even slow motion photo capturing.

Generally, people use such photography features by using their mobile phones. But this handheld device will allow the users to switch between the modes instantly. Interestingly, the photos would be far better than holding the camera by hand. Besides, changing between the photography modes, you need to fix the objects and camera angels. Here, you can do all the things within a few seconds.

Zoom controlling

On the other part, using the smaller buttons on the device, you can control the zoom of your photos. If you need to increase the zoom, simply you have to press the button attached with the handle. When you are to use the zoom on your mobile phone, you are to fix that manually. This is a time-consuming process. Moreover, you also will need to adjust the other functions.

This camera gear will reduce all your efforts. You can easily adjust the zoom with the buttons. And there would be no hamper in your other setting. In fact, this is a hassle-free way of controlling the photo zoom.

Stability ensured

There is no one who can claim that they can get some stable photos when they hold the camera with hands. This is also usual that there would be some shakes and noises in the photos. Due to the shakes, the photo quality drops. You will not have the optimum photos. And it is expected that you may not have a complete trip, and this is a serious shock, indeed.  

But using the gimbal will reduce the issues. This is a stable device you need no additional movements. You have to select the subject. ActiveTrack technology will ensure that the device will remain stable. And there would be no disturbance during the operation of the mobile phone for photography or for live streaming.

Fits almost everywhere

No worries if you have a phone up to 3.3 inches in width. The gimbal will fit your phone if that does not cross the aforesaid length. Interestingly, most of the phones come within this width. So, you can easily adjust your phone with the device at any time.

Technical features

This product has a controllable range of pan ± 160 degrees. The tilt of the device is ±155 degrees if you mount it horizontally. Besides, the device has a mechanical range as well. The range pan is ±170 degrees. You can also tilt the device up to ±170 degrees. The device has a controllable speed up top 120 degrees/ S.

Less charging hours

Moreover, the device comes with a 2600 mAh battery. It takes two hours for the battery to get a complete charge. But you need to ensure that the temperature should be at least five and maximum 40 degrees. 

Dji Osmo Mobile 2 Compatibility

Well, this is a type of setback that the device is not compatible with all sorts of mobile phones and platforms. This phone is not that much compatible with iOS. Rather, but it works fine with the android operating system. So, it would be a challenge for the iOS user to adjust with the features if they want to use this particular mobile accessory.

So, this could be bad news for you if you are an iPhone user. But if you use android devices from any brands, you can easily get the benefit of the product.

However, the manufacturer is undertaking initiatives to resolve the issue. And this is expected that the next versions of the gimbal will be okay with all platforms.  

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Price

This is another issue to explore. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 price is reasonable. In fact, the price may vary in different platforms. But you may have it spending less than a hundred dollars. This is a great feature, indeed. When you want to explore the world, this handled accessory will render you the best options. With the advanced features, lucrative style, and impressive outlook – you are getting all of them at a reasonable price. 

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Why people use DJI Osmo mobile 2 handheld smartphone gimbal 

You may ask straight that what benefits you would have by using such a gimbal whereas you can do all the tasks by hand. Well, this a natural question. But once you are aware of the benefits, all your confusion will vanish.

There are a number of benefits in using this DJI Osmo mobile 2 handheld smartphone gimbal. You will get a gradual explanation here.

It stabilizes your photos

The key benefit is that you can have some stable photos when you are on the go. Even you can have photos and videos in a moving vehicle. There would be no shake or vibration. The gimbal can work in different conditions. So, when you want to click the moments perfectly, you need this device. 

Moreover, you can also apply the DJI Osmo mobile 2 tripod. This is the other useful way to prevent shakes and vibrations. The tripod setting is simple, consumes less times but effective to provide the best videography or photography.

Brings a variation and style

On the other part, the gimbal can bring a sense of variation. When you are using a gimbal for your mobile phone, it seems you are special to most other people. When everyone is taking photos or recording videos using their mobile phones, you are using a gimbal. Also, you are enjoying the latest features.

But most other people are deprived of the modern features that they could have through this gimbal. With the age of modernity, they failed to upgrade them.

The convenience of using cameras

When you are using a camera through your hand, you cannot click photos all the time. There are several reasons that will hamper the photo clicking process. Moreover, taking the camera out of the pocket, removing the phone lock, adjusting the camera setting – all are troublesome. And you may miss the moment for the procedures.

But if you have a gimbal, you can easily do that at any time. Moreover, you can do it anywhere you want. The gimbal will hold the mobile in a ready state to capture moments, record videos, or go for live streaming on your youtube or other social platforms. But when you are using a handheld camera, you are deprived of such features.  

Charging your phone

At the same time, you can also charge your phone using the USB port that is attached to the product. Do not worry if you are afraid of your phone battery. The gimbal has the option to keep the battery alive. The USB port is located on the rear portion of the unit. Using the right type of cable, you can charge your phone instantly or as long as you need it.

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Simple operation

The operation system of the unit is also simple. You have to adjust your camera to the gimbal in the right position. Then you have to connect the camera with the unit. You are ready to go. Moreover, there are some advanced settings, as well. You can also choose between scene modes instantly.  

Setting the panning speed is also smart. In the app that you will install with your gimbal, you can find the settings for your pan. Besides, there are a couple of functions near your thumb. They also will allow you to customize your experience with the gimbal.

Interestingly, you can also switch between the front and rear cameras of your phone. There is a triple switch button. By pressing the button, you can have the right camera you need. And the transition process is smooth.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Live video streaming
  • Easy to handle
  • Suitable for vloggers
  • Reduces time in photo capturing and video recording
  • Several operation modes
  • Simple camera mode switching
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Reasonable price
  • Less weight



  • Not compatible with all mobile phone platforms
  • Connecting with a mobile phone might be an issue
  • App installation


Frequently Asked Questions About DJI Osmo mobile 2

Q: What is the key benefit of using dji osmo mobile 2 handheld smartphone gimbal?

A: The most impressive benefit is that you will have a clear and vivid photo. You can click the picture anywhere you want. And using the gimbal is convenient as well. There are some other features that can also benefit you in various ways.

Q: How long can I use this gimbal in a single charge?

A: This particular gimbal comes with a durable battery. And you can use the gimbal for around 15 hours. At this time, you can use almost all the necessary features and make some wonderful videos.

Q: Can I use the unit for Facebook live?

A: Of course, you can use the gimbal to appear in a Facebook live or live streaming for any other platforms. This is not a big deal. You have to go online using your mobile data connection or WiFi. The gimbal will hold the phone firmly and will provide other necessary features.

Final words  

I hope you now have a solid idea about the DJI Osmo mobile 2 handheld smartphone gimbal.

This is a smart device that allows users to hold the mobile phone easily and get pictures or recordings. Besides, DJI Osmo mobile 2 price is also reasonable. You need not break your bank to have one of the units of this product.

Travelling is always thrilling, but if you want to add some spices more in the thrill, you need to use this gimbal. But DJI Osmo mobile 2 compatibility is another important issue to consider.

Wishing you a great trip ahead with this DJI Osmo mobile 2 tripod.



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