A Quick Guide To Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

by Oct 6, 2020

Planning for a trip?

Well, you need a coolife luggage softshell.


We will get the answers in this particular post. In fact, this is one of the leading brands that comes with numerous features for travelers.

The brand is relatively newer. But the design, performance, quality, and customer reviews – all are up to the mark. If you want a stylish set of luggage for your family, the coolife luggage expandable suitcase 3 piece set is the perfect one.

In this particular article, we will discuss the key features and advantages of this product.

But to be honest, everything in the world has some demerits as well.

So, we will figure out some of those points as well to make this as an unbiased review. So, let us start exploring the features and make the right decision.

The Coolife brand

Coolife is a famous brand despite a young age. The most impressive aspect is that the brand offers the preferable coolife 3 piece luggage set. All other products are smart and standard. Those are stylish as well.

The production facility of the company is fantastic. And it also has years of experience in producing the luggage sets. So, the manufacturer is well aware of customer preference. Consequently, they opt for the best products and is maintaining the trend for a long time with a reputation.

Using quality materials, they assemble products with great care. Knowing the needs of the customers, they bring a blend of quality and luxury.

The product features

Lightweight luggage

The coolife luggage 3 piece set comes with optimum quality. This is an impressive product with a light weight. Many of the similar products are not lightweight. They are heavier and cause trouble to carry them during the travel.

But when you get a lightweight suitcase, it becomes smooth to carry. Even your kid can also take the luggage without feeling fatigued. So, this is always preferable to have a lightweight luggage set.

On the other part, you can store lightweight luggage comfortably too. They are compact in size and shape. Thus, this is not a big deal to store the luggage to a small space.

The quality construction of Coolife Luggage

At the same time, the coolife luggage 3 piece set suitcase is from quality materials. This is an impact-resistant product. The outer shell can prevent minor impacts. You can use the product regularly. But with the other similar products, there is no such feature.

With some slight pushing, the luggage may take a different shape. The worst thing is that you cannot use that luggage for the next time. You have to get a fresh product which not economical at all. The hard shell is an essential element that plays a vital role here. It helps to absorb the maximum impacts when you are on a trip.

Stylish look

Also, you should care about the styles. This coolife luggage softshell comes with an appealing manner. This is not about taking a suitcase. It also reflects your style, preference, choice of color, and more. In a word, this is a part of your daily lifestyle. Thereby, this is highly important to have a stylish suitcase.

Coolife luggage expandable suitcase 3 piece set is the right product that you need. There are color varieties, lucrative styles. The most important aspect is that the colors are not dull. They are impressive and can hold attention from people.

Spacious compartment

You have all the impressive features in your luggage. But it lacks space to hold all your traveling items. In such cases, you have nothing to do than regret. The coolife luggage softshell is a spacious product. There are ample spaces inside the luggage.

So, you never need to worry about holding all the traveling items and equipment. Many of the travelers are in significant disorder about space issues. As they cannot accommodate most of the necessary elements, they have to purchase them additionally. This is a costly issue too. But with the space of this luggage set, you can easily hold all items.

You also will get a mesh pocket inside the luggage. The pocket is suitable to hold all the smaller gadgets and items.

Spinner wheels

At the same time, you can have the spinner wheels. With the spinner wheels, you can control the movement of your luggage. In other cases, the luggage comes with fixed wheels. Thereby, it becomes a hassle to move the luggage here and there. Sometimes, you need to carry the luggage for transportation.

The views are different here. With the spinner wheels, you can move the luggage easily. The other impressive benefit is that the wheels can move in multi-direction. So, if you need to move anywhere, you can easily carry them.

Security of  Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set

The enhanced security of the coolife luggage 3 piece set suitcase is another feature. You will have the option to lock the suitcase. There is a combination lock. So, it remains secured all the time. This is not possible for any external person to break in the suitcase.

Moreover, the combination lock also brings peace of mind. It is not unnatural that travelers will feel a sense of mental dissatisfaction. It happens as they cannot take care of their luggage. But with the combination lock, the luggage is completely secured. And this brings peace of mind for travelers.


Sizes available

Do you know that size matters for luggage? It may not matter in chopping wood, but luggage is different. Without the right size, you are unable to carry all your belongings for the trip. The luggage is available in three different sizes. The dimensions are 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. This is a complete set.

Interestingly, this is a complete set of three luggage. You can use the larger one; the medium one is for your wife and the smallest one for your kid. It is a complete family package that makes a happy tour. Alternatively, you can use any of the luggage pieces for your trips.

As you get the three pieces, it does not point out that you have to use the three all the time.

Two-year warranty

On the other part, this coolife luggage softshell arrives with a two-year warranty. Though the luggage will last for a long time beyond the warranty period. But you can rely on the manufacturer. There would be no issues during this two-year coverage. For damage or malfunctions by this period, you have manufacturer support.

The warranty period is less with the other similar luggage manufacturer. They do not even provide the warranty for a year but claim to be the best product. Believing their marketing strategy would be foolish.

Sturdy handles

If you care for the handles, you will find specialties here too. The handle is from sturdy aluminum. It also comes with a telescoping feature. So, you can easily tow your handle. The critical benefit of a telescope handle is that it is easy to pull, use, and takes less space. Moreover, they are comfortable to handle too.

The ergonomic design is another feature to love the handle. You never will feel tired while towing it. Because of the handle, the luggage also feels lighter. Therefore, it is wise to rely on the handles of this luggage set.


Noiseless wheels
ABS construction
Telescoping handle
Complete set of three-piece


Can absorb minor impacts
Zip needs improvement

Why should you select this coolife luggage softshell?

No doubt that traveling is a thrilling issue. But you cannot ensure that the thrill will last till the end of the day. With the usual luggage, you may not have the comfort properly. The luggage may cause you unwanted trouble.

But the scenarios are opposite with the coolife luggage softshell. The coolife luggage expandable suitcase 3 piece set is a wonder. This is a compact product with all modern features and flexibility. Towing the luggage is not a big deal.

On the other part, the luggage has considerable space. Each of the luggage has ample storage to hold all your necessary items, tools, and travel equipment.

So, this could be the right product for you when you are for a local or international trip. At the same time, you can store the product in any tight space.

Last words

This coolife luggage expandable suitcase 3 piece set is the latest edition of the manufacturer. You will have all the necessary features in this luggage. Durability, style, fashion – all are attached here. The price of the coolife luggage softshell is also reasonable.

For your next destination, you can have this one. Considering the length of your trip, you can select any of the luggage from the set. Or if you want a family trip, that would be pleasant with this product too.


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